Delivery and Shipment Policy


Shipping Policy:

You should receive an email confirming your order shortly after you’ve placed it. If you don’t receive that email, please check your Spam folder and see if you can locate it (Please mark “Not as Spam” to receive the emails directly into your Inbox). This is especially important because, if you have not received the order confirmation email, you also won’t be able to track your order.

Print Textbooks

An email confirmation will be sent to your registered email address and the print textbooks will be shipped to your registered address within 10-15 workings days. If we anticipate a longer lead time (In case of not fulfilled), it will be notified. If you have any questions about the lead time on a specific book, please contact us with your questions.


For print textbooks same process will be followed and e-textbook will be delivered to your registered email address order will be processed and you will receive the same within 5-7 working days.

Not fulfilled by Panworld Education:

In case, if any product from the order gets canceled due to any reason like out of stock, restrictions etc. then we have the rights to process remaining products of the order.

Will not provide any services or products to any Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctioned countries in accordance with UAE law.


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